First Time Investor
We welcome you to Mirae Asset Mutual Fund and sincerely thank you for choosing to invest with us. We are committed to serve you with the best of the offerings.

Please note that this facility is only for KYC Compliant applicants.

For Non - KYC PAN holders, you can now complete your Aadhaar based Paperless e-KYC process on our website and transact in the schemes of Mirae Assest Mutual Fund.Click here to view the demo.

If your PAN is already KYC compliant, we request you to enter your PAN / KIN and follow the simple self-guiding steps to complete your Purchase transaction.

To know more about CKYC, please Click here. For complete details, please Click here.


If your PAN is already KYC compliant, please enter your PAN below.

If the PAN is not validated as KYC compliant, you will be guided to complete your KYC procedure through Aadhaar based paperless e-KYC process. We request you to keep your original PAN card, Aadhaar card and other credentials ready so as to complete the entire process in few quick steps.

In case you need any assistance/clarifications, kindly call us on 1800 2090 777 or email us at and our customer care executives will be happy to help you.

* Currently we are not accepting applications from U.S. Persons and Residents of Canada in any of the Schemes of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. Please Click here for complete details.

Dear Investor,
Welcome to the Aadhaar Paperless e-KYC process. As you are aware that KYC Compliance is mandatory for making investments in Mutual Fund schemes, hence all applicants who are not KYC Compliant will require to go through the KYC procedure.

During the process, if any interruption has occurred due to any technical reasons like internet problem, power failure, server’s not responding, or any other reasons etc, it will necessitate to re-do the entire process again.

Further, also note that in case of any technical glitch during the KYC process, the process can get in to abeyance due to validation reasons and in absence of any information on success or failure of the process, the process can be performed again after 4 business days.

We request your attention on the essentials that will be required before you begin-

A. Soft Saved Copies in JPEG or PDF format not exceeding 50 kb of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card,
B. Same Mobile Number as in Aadhaar Database for OTP verification,
C. Original PAN Card and Aadhaar Card for online display and verification,
D. Cancelled Cheque Copy along with Specimen signature on the face of the cheque copy.
E. Aadhaar **XML File** (not more than 3 days old). This can also be downloaded during the KYC process.

**Kindly note that the downloaded Aadhaar XML file during the online process should not be Opened / renamed/ altered for any reason as opening / renaming of the file will corrupt it and the KYC process will become invalid. Password set in UIDAI should be provided for downloading PDF/XML, as secret code must be same while uploaded. The downloaded file needs to be simply uploaded with the same password that was used at the time of downloading from UIDAI site. Applicants will need to keep and use the password same throughout the download and upload process of the Aadhaar XML file**.

Kindly go through the below procedure to be followed during the online KYC procedure -

1. It is requested to keep handy all requisite credentials as given in Aadhaar database. For the purpose of verification, you will be prompted to upload PAN card copy and the Address proof document that will be used by you during the KYC process. You will also be requested to upload the cancelled cheque copy which has your specimen signature. These documents will be used for authentication during the process.

Kindly upload the said required documents as and when asked for/prompted during the KYC process. You will also be prompted to click your photo during the process.

2. During the online process, the navigation will redirect you to the UIDAI page. Here, we request your attention to take note that the UIDAI page is not compatible with any mobile device. This is a crucial process and can be only completed with a Laptop or Desktop enabled with Microphone and Front Camera or a Webcam.

3. On this Screen, your credentials will appear along with auto populated data fetched from UIDAI. For the data not fetched from UIDAI, you will be required to input the mandatory fields to proceed further. You will also be prompted to upload the XML file as stated in requirement ‘E’ above.

4. Applicant is required to e-Sign the PDF document (KYC application) generated based on the information & documents uploaded. Investor will be redirected to NSDL ESP page to sign on the PDF document.

5. Upon successful e-sign, you will be redirected to complete the Investment. For any reason if the Investment is not made, the AMC reserves the right to reject the paperless KYC process.

6. You will be required to provide your consent for having read the terms and conditions, to proceed further.

I have read the above procedure. Kindly click here to initiate the Video e-KYC.